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PNG Express

PNG Express

  • Compatibility: Photoshop CS5+
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Last update: Oct 18, 2016
  • Downloaded: 258x
  • Support: Help Center

Need a better way to export assets & specs from Photoshop? PNG Express makes it incredibly easy to export assets for all iOS, Android, and web densities in one go from any source resolution. It supports multiple asset states, PNG optimisation, Android 9-patches, XML/JSON/HTML output, Xcode Asset Catalog integration and more. Most importantly, PNG Express gets out of your way while you design and gives you full control and repeatability of exports. This makes it an ideal tool for iterative workflows and team work. It also generates matching design specifications with concise information on sizes, distances, font features and more. PNG Express is being trusted daily for demanding work by amazing designers and teams around the world. Get on board!

Key Features:

    • Easy export to all iOS, Android and Web densities

    • Unrivalled flexibility and scaling accuracy

    • Export to PNG, JPG, and SVG

    • Supports optimised PNGs and Android 9-patches

    • Create concise design specs in a snap

    • Spec position, size, distance, shape, font and FXs