Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the plugin in Photoshop after installation?

After successful installation, plugin will be available in Photoshop. To locate it in Photoshop please go to Menu Bar > Window > Extensions > 'name of the plugin'.

Which operating systems and Photoshop versions does your products support?

You can find supported versions on products landing page or in your products under its description. Most of our products work on both Mac OS (10.9+) and Windows (7+) machines with Photoshop CC2014 or higher installed. If you have CC2014, make sure you updated to 2014.1 (or newer).

Do I have to buy Mac OS X and Windows version separately?

No, you automatically get both versions with every purchase.

I bought a product but I did not recieved any download link. Where can I get it?

To download a product you will need to go to your Source profile, where you can find it. In case you have not created a Source Profile, please click here to create one. You can find all your downloads and updates there.

Installation of plugin failed. What should I do?

You may run into some permission problems with Photoshop folder. We are working 24/7* to fix them. In the meantime, please use manual installation, it will work. Pinky promise.

Manual installation step-by-step tutorial:
  1. Download your plugin in a .zip folder in your Source Profile
  2. Follow the guide in contained README file.
  3. Enjoy! Please report if there are any bugs to
* coffee breaks included

The plugin is stuck on loading screen (CC2014+)

CSS Hat 2 loading

First make sure your Photoshop is updated, we require 2014.1 or newer. You can find out what is your PS version in menu Help -> System Info...

This issue can happen if you just upgraded your Photoshop to a new mayor version (like to CC2015 from CC2014). Adobe updates Photoshop in such way that it will remove existing generator Plugins. To fix this, please re-install the plugin. If you don't have the installer anymore, you can download it from your Source Profile.

Also check if you have Generator enabled. To fix this, go to Photoshop->Preferences->Plug-Ins... and check the "Enable Generator" option. On Windows, it's located in Edit->Preferences->Plug-Ins....

Plug-Ins Preferences

There is a problem with Generator (CC2014+)

Generator Error

If you experience this error, please send all generator log files that can be found here to

With 2014.2 update the path has changed, you can find out your exact version of Photoshop in the first line of menu Help -> System Info...

OSX (2014.1 and older): ~/Library/Logs/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC/Generator
OSX (2014.2 and newer): ~/Library/Logs/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 2014/Generator
(You can press cmd+shift+G in any finder window and copy the directory path there)

Windows (2014.1 and older): %AppData%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC\Generator\logs
Windows (2014.2 and newer): %AppData%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Generator\logs
(You can press ctrl+L in file explorer window and copy the directory path)

I need an invoice for my purchase

No problem. If receipt from Paypal is not enough send us an email to and we will send you an invoice.

How do I get updates for plugin?

We always inform our customers about all updates for our products. The update notification will be delivered into your Photoshop Panel itself (or via email). You can then get the update through your Source Profile.

For how long you support your extensions?

We no longer support our extensions as the store closed, but in case of total malfunction of plugin you still can get a refund.

How many machines can I use your plugins on with 1 license?

You can use plugins on up to two machines at the same time with one license.

I have another question to ask…

If you did not find what you were looking for in any of answers above, see this Instructional PSD or feel free to contact us at